Coor Service Management delivers services in both hard and soft facility management to customers in Sweden and throughout Northern and Eastern Europe. In 2015, Coor established a new division: Coor Property. They partnered with Human Univerz, a Danish change management firm and partner with Prosci, to apply the Prosci change management methodology and Appreciation at Work resources to the new division.

We have worked with Prosci Best Practices research from the very beginning. We have focused particularly on the role of the leader and communication of change in daily life. Tools like the Prosci ADKAR® Model and storytelling about the change have contributed to show attention and support to individuals. That created a sense of security about the 
changes in the company

-Head of Coor Property, Coor Service Management

The Challenge

To establish a new division and make it successful. To attract employees with the right know-how and to promote themselves towards current and potential customers.

The Solution

  • Strengthened the brand
  • Improved participation and clear communication
  • Invested in conscious, proactive change leadership
  • Implemented concrete initiatives for Appreciation at Work
  • Embraced the Prosci ADKAR Model to focus on the individual change journey

Keys to Application

Coor Property scoped the project (the new division) from a change management perspective to make the new division a success. Five areas were defined as focus areas, including the Prosci ADKAR Model and Appreciation at Work. 

Change Leadership and the Prosci ADKAR Model

A special focus was brought on conscious leadership by proactively working with Prosci change management best practices research. Storytelling about the change and the ADKAR Model were used as concrete tools to focus on individuals and involve all employees in the change journey. 

Concrete Initiatives for Appreciation at Work

It’s important that employees feel valued and appreciated, but if you express appreciation in ways that aren’t meaningful to your colleagues, they may not feel valued. Therefore, The Five Languages of Appreciation were implemented. The leaders made small adjustments, which made great progress in their relationship to the employees.

The Results

Within two years, the group considered Coor Property to be an inspiring and visionary division. Many crucial factors increased, including:

  • Finances (improved by 40%)

  • Customer satisfaction (increased by 5%)  

  • Employee satisfaction (increased by 17%)

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