An international bank with over 80,000 employees and 16 million clients worldwide recognized an increased need for organizational change management capability. The volume and pace of large-scale change drove the need for this bank to be more purposeful and more consistent at achieving return on key strategic investments. Senior executives set a mandate to execute on change in a more structured way, and in early 2011, an Organizational Effectiveness (OE) team was commissioned to determine a plan and a strategy.

“Change can be managed in both formal and informal ways, each producing a different degree of success. Our experience, and a key driver of our success in this discipline, is the fact that we have implemented a structured and purposeful approach for managing the people risks associated with change. It enables consistency, repeatability and sustainability, all of which are important to long-term success.

- Director of Organizational Effectiveness

The Challenge

To establish change management as a core capability within a large, complex, diverse and global financial institution.

The Solution

  • Define an operating model and governance for change management
  • Align project and change management frameworks
  • Standardize change management across the business
  • Establish a change management learning curriculum

Keys to Application

The first step the Organizational Effectiveness team took was to define an operating model to effectively scale change management across the bank’s global reach. The OE team created the following three internal groups to work in partnership:

  • A corporate Center of Excellence to own the change management methodology and capability build
  • A Change Management Federation, comprised of leaders and change experts across the business to drive the growth of change capability within their respective business functions
  • A Community of Practice to support practitioners, to advocate for change management capabilities and to implement change best practices

In a deliberate process that spanned 18 months, the OE Center of Excellence also worked to align Prosci’s change approach with the mature program framework already in place at the bank. In 2012, the group began by layering change methodology and activities next to their formal project methodology. They provided clarity about how change management fits into the structure of a project, including setting trigger points to initiate change work on large-impact projects and establishing clear ownership of specific roles and activities for change resources. 

The Results

This international bank’s story of an intentional change management capability build across a global enterprise has produced many of the outcomes that the OE Center of Excellence was originally commissioned to create. The organization today has a solid change management foundation and internal practice.

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