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How a Prosci License Helps Organizations Succeed at Change


Many industry-leading organizations today are building change competency and solidifying their change management approach with a Prosci license. You can learn from their successes—including how to leverage Prosci's research-based methodology, tools and training programs—to build change management competency while lowering costs, increasing efficiency and more.

Prosci Licensing at Successful Organizations

The Prosci Methodology and tools are used by more than 80% of Fortune 100 companies, and many of these organizations hold a Prosci license. Here's a look at how some have leveraged their license to adapt, solidify and implement change management to achieve a variety of successes.

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Change management license enables logistics company to
customize Prosci training programs

crowley-ss-lpWhy? To better suit the culture and level of change management maturity of the organization.

How? Individuals in key roles throughout Crowley participated in tailored change management training. Crowley’s senior leaders, IT directors and project managers attended programs that introduced change management and was customized to be applicable to their unique role. The Prosci license enabled the change management team to tailor the style and language of the trainings to align with unique aspects of Crowley’s culture.

Learn more about how Crowley enabled growth through a tailored change capability.

Digital marketing and customer service outsourcer
achieves cost-effective, flexible training through licensing

sykes-ss-lpWhy? To build momentum for and deploy a multi-year global organizational change management journey.

How? Leadership at SYKES invested in an enterprise license to the full Prosci Methodology, enabling cost-effective change management training and application in every region. Within a few months, SYKES offered change management practitioner trainings in Europe and Asia in addition to several more in the US and Latin America. Within two years, SYKES well-surpassed breakeven on the cost of a Prosci license as measured by cost of paying an external consultant or as measured by paying for materials for each attendee.

Learn more about how SYKES embraced change on an organizational level.

Manufacturing company uses Prosci license to
integrate change management with business processes 

Why? To make sure change management would be addressed as part of every project and initiative.manufactoring-ss-lp

How? With leadership support, the change management team at a global manufacturing company acquired a Prosci license and created a formal enterprise change management plan. The plan included facilitating role-based change management training programs, formalizing the enterprise approach to change, and integrating change management into existing processes.

Learn more about how this global manufacturing organization created a change capability in their human resources department and ultimately organization-wide through multiple business units.

Prosci license enables global bank
to translate and customize materials

global-bank-ss-lpWhy? To build awareness and a common language across all levels of a geographically dispersed organization.

How? The bank translated and customized role-specific programs tailored to managers, employees and business partners. The change team utilized electronic delivery channels to efficiently reach large numbers of people, and they adapted the Prosci content to integrate it into existing internal training structures.

Learn more about how this global bank established change management as a core capability.

Licensing supports energy and utility company's deployment of 
change management across the enterprise

avangrid-ss-lpWhy? To mobilize people to become more agile in a rapidly changing industry.

How? AVANGRID adopted the Prosci Methodology, established a change management office and roadmap, and built a change management network of certified professionals across all business areas. By completing very thorough and well-documented change management plans and regularly reporting demonstrated successes, the change management office quickly gained the trust and respect of leadership.

Learn more about how AVANGRID implemented a change management program.

Flexibility of Prosci Licenses

Licensing makes change management efforts repeatable and sustainable in your organization. And it offers greater flexibility when deploying change management on projects and across the entire organization. Here's how a Prosci license will help your organization meet objectives and fully leverage Prosci's offerings internally:


You can modify Prosci's methodology, models, tools and training programs to better suit the needs of your organization or use them as the foundation for creating fully customized tools and processes. Customization can range from incorporating your company's branding into training materials all the way to tailoring any one of Prosci's training programs to address your organization's unique needs.


Prosci's change management foundations integrate easily into existing organizational processes, including established project management, human resources and organizational development methods. Creating a unified approach to projects will enable you to streamline processes and drive business results.

"We acquired an Enterprise Change Management License from Prosci, so we have access to all the eLearning and training programs. Every Sunflower employee—from project managers and people managers to executives and front-line employees—goes through some type of change management training, whether virtual or on site." 

—John Ross, Strategic Change Administrator, Sunflower Electric Power Corporation

Translation and terminology

A license enables you to translate Prosci's materials, so you can all speak the same language around change—both literally and figuratively—within your organization. Whether in English or another language, every organization uses unique terms to describe processes, projects and groups involved in change management. With a Prosci license, you can adapt materials to reflect the common terminology used throughout your organization or translate into other languages as needed.

Standardization for organizational deployment

Do you want to make "great change management" the expectation rather than the exception? You can make that a reality when you adopt the Prosci Methodology, or a modified or customized version, as your organizational standard. A license enables organization-wide access to change management resources and tools with significant cost savings compared to per-user deployment.

"The license has been brilliant because it helps us maintain costs while delivering a quality program in person or virtually. Getting the license was a critical step we took to get where we are today."

—Michael Triolo-Sapp, Global Change Management Lead, Matthews International

Support Your Organization's Unique Needs

Given your understanding of your organization's culture, values and business model, you know that one size does not fit all when it comes to successfully managing change. But you can help your organization's unique change management initiatives succeed by licensing Prosci's research, tools and training programs.


Scott McAllister

Scott McAllister

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