Sykes Enterprises Incorporated (SYKES) is a digital marketing and customer service global outsourcer, providing customer-engagement services to Global 2000 companies. With global headquarters in Tampa, Florida, SYKES’ sophisticated solutions satisfy the needs of major companies around the world, primarily in the communications, financial services, technology and healthcare industries.

Leadership at SYKES understands the swift pace of change. That, coupled with the critical need for adoption of several major, global-scale projects, brought about the company formally sponsoring an enterprise change management journey.  

I first encountered Prosci more than 15 years ago, so when we started looking for a partner in change management, I was pleased to see that Prosci was still the leader. Its reputation, global reach and focus on our success has made Prosci an ideal partner in our change management journey."

-Susan Hughes, Global Vice President, Strategic Program Management

The Challenge

To build momentum for and deploy a multi-year global organizational change management journey with little initial funding and a low awareness of the need for and value of organizational change management.

The Solution

  • Engaged with a Prosci partner to win leadership support
  • Trained practitioners and leaders in change management
  • Attended the Prosci ECM Boot Camp
  • Created a multi-year roadmap for the change management deployment
  • Acquired an enterprise license to the Prosci methodology
  • Embraced change management as a core competency

Keys to Application

In the Fall of 2015, the small change management team attended the Prosci Enterprise Change Management Boot Camp, assessed the organization’s change management maturity level and created the multi-year roadmap to guide the change management deployment.

With the strong initial wins and global interest in change management growing, leadership invested in an enterprise license to the full Prosci methodology, enabling cost-effective change management training and application in every region. Within a few months, SYKES offered change management practitioner trainings in Europe and Asia in addition to several more in the US and Latin America. In mid-2016, SYKES well-surpassed breakeven on the cost of a Prosci license as measured by cost of paying an external consultant, and by the end of 2016, SYKES surpassed breakeven on the cost of a Prosci license as measured by paying for materials for each attendee in addition to the consultant.

The Results

In less than three years, SYKES has:

  • Increased the level of adoption and/or shortened the time to proficiency with each regional deployment of major, global-scale projects

  • Increased change management maturity from 0 to more than 3.0 on a five-point scale 

  • Improved sales, efficiency, and profitability in many projects thanks to change management activity

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