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Using the ADKAR Model as a Structured Change Management Approach

Written by Tim Creasey

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A structured approach to the change process is a critical concept in developing a successful and sustainable organizational change strategy. Organizations that employ a structured process within their change strategy benefit from a smoother transition, increased adoption rate, and higher implementation rates among impacted groups. Industry-leading organizations leverage a structured change approach to create a formal and dependable process that is replicable throughout the organization on all projects. One crucial element in building a successful and sustainable change strategy is dedicating a portion of your structured approach to the individual employee and their success.

The Impact the ADKAR Model Has on a Structured Approach

The Prosci ADKAR Model is an individual change model that supports and reinforces a structured change management approach. A change practitioner may scale and deploy this model on any size project. Equipping the organization with the ADKAR Model delivers a common change language and meaning of the change process that all employees may understand. The ADKAR Model provides the organization’s change practitioners a roadmap for employee success that ultimately leads to the success of the organization.

Research has shown that utilizing a structured change approach enhances the change maturity of an organization, maximizes project adoption rates, and optimizes the people side of a project. The ADKAR Model is an assessment tool, roadmap, common language and structured approach that helps facilitate critical conversations and activities throughout the organization to manage a structured approach to change management. This model is the foundational element in an organizational change management strategy that focuses on the success of the individual employee.

What the Research Says

Prosci’s Applications of ADKAR research effort explored seven uses of the ADKAR Model, including providing a structured approach to change management. The quotes below from study participants shed light on the applications of and results of creating a structured approach to change management with the ADKAR Model:

[ADKAR] aligns with individual change and transition and provides authentic ways of supporting people.”

“Deployment packages are more consistent with higher quality.”

“We made fewer mistakes.”

What This Means for You

The full research deep dive on using the ADKAR Model as a structured approach for change management includes how it was used, and its impact. Click the image below to download this, and the other Applications of ADKAR research reports for free. This report also includes a case study on how one organization leveraged the ADKAR Model to increase consistency and predictability on projects.

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