Even with a robust enterprise-level program for continuous lean and process improvement, Avnet—a global distributor of electronic components, enterprise IT and embedded technology—was confident it could take process improvement to the next level.

Leadership identified employee adoption and usage as an opportunity to make significant gains if given the appropriate attention and support. So Avnet created a new initiative: to embed change management into the very fabric of its organizational business operations. 

The Challenge

To increase project and initiative success in every level and region of a global organization through a change management capability build.

The Solution

Beginning with the Prosci ADKAR Model, Avnet spread key elements of the Prosci methodology throughout the organization. The solution included:

  • Acquiring a Prosci License
  • Facilitating role-based and custom trainings for all levels in all regions
  • Establishing a Change Management Center of Excellence (COE)
  • Establishing a Community of Practice for Avnet change practitioners

Keys to Application

Avnet's change management leaders focused on building role-based competencies and establishing a Change Management Center of Excellence.

Custom Change Management Training

In addition to facilitating standard role-based training programs, Avnet used a Prosci license to develop customized change management trainings tailored to the unique needs of Avnet’s widespread audience. This approach allowed trainers to teach in a format that most resonated with their audience, and it also integrated most effectively with existing programs and leadership development. The result was a globally consistent language for change in a short period of time.

A Prosci license was critical to building an enterprise-wide change capability. The license gave us both the structure to standardize Prosci’s change management approach and the flexibility to integrate change management into our established strategy, leadership development and project processes.

- Carla Howard, Change Management Center of Excellence at Avnet

Change Management Center of Excellence

A substantial turning point for Avnet was the commitment to establishing change management as its own department. Evolving from an add-on, change management was given a defined function with resources to match. The change management department facilitated training and was also positioned to track change maturity, follow up on recent trainings, provide additional coaching and support and foster greater change management growth.


As a result of its change management capability build, Avnet has:

  • Seen a rise in project success and return on investment
  • Certified and mobilized over 450 change management practitioners
  • Experienced fast growth in change management maturity

Avnet was also recognized for its exceptional performance by Supply and Demand Change Executive for the fourth year in a row.

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