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Advanced change management professionals


Practitioner Certification & experience applying Prosci’s methods


12-18 months Be ready to go ‘all-in’ if you want to get the most from this life-changing, 12 to 18 month master certification track in change management.

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Customizable & self-paced certification

$7,000 Cost varies depending on how many in-person programs you have already attended.

Amplify your expertise by learning to manage change on increasingly complex projects

Be ready to go ‘all-in’ if you want to get the most from this life-changing, 12-to-18-month certification track in change management.

Equal parts theory, practice and experience, this certification forces you to push your abilities beyond your existing limits, applying all that you’ve learned to your live projects.

Who should attend

If you’re a certified, experienced change practitioner determined to make sure you’ll stay in-demand as the change management discipline expands and deepens, then this intensive, self-paced certification is for you.

How to Apply

  1.  Complete the Advanced Practitioner Application, including the manager or supervisor reference (download application and instructions here)
  2.  Attach a current version of your resume (CV)
  3.  Schedule your alignment phone call with Prosci


To qualify for this certification, you must have completed Prosci’s Practitioner Certification program and have experience applying Prosci’s methodologies to real-world projects.

Learning Objectives

Over the course of 18 months, you will:

  • Complete required online and/or in-person general change management training modules
  • Choose and complete a minimum of five elective online change specialist training modules
  • Choose and perform a minimum of three real-world experience electives, such as publishing an article or giving a speech about change management
  • Have unlimited access to your senior Program Advisor
  • Plan, complete and present a panel-reviewed capstone project reflecting all of your newly acquired knowledge

Certification Structure

Learning Modules
Over the course of 12-18 months, complete a series of learning modules and electives in person and online.
Leverage a Program Advisor
Receive feedback and insight from a Program Advisor at any time along the way.
Capstone Project
Complete all modules and electives then prepare your final capstone project, proving your ability.
Panel Review
Submit your final capstone project to Prosci for a Panel Review.

Additional Information

To learn more, take a look at the detailed certification syllabus and summary roadmap.

Syllabus Roadmap
Jeremy Sparks - web
Jeremy Sparks
Tyson Foods
For the organizational change professional who is seeking to have a distinguished career and be a thought leader in the field, I believe the Advanced Practitioner Certification is a step in the right direction.


Do I need to complete the Advanced Practitioner Certification within a certain time period?
Yes. You’ll have 18 months of unlimited access to your learning modules and support, starting from your enrollment date. You can request an extension if circumstances necessitate more time.
How will I access the course modules?
You’ll access all coursework for the Advanced Practitioner Certification through the Prosci Portal. Your chosen modules and their associated tools will be activated upon enrollment.
Will I have access to support throughout the duration of the certification?
Yes. The Advanced Practitioner Certification has a dedicated support team ready to assist you as you progress. You will have unlimited access to your Program Advisor.
If I leave my organization during the certification, can I continue at another organization?
Ideally, you’ll remain at the same organization to complete your Advanced Practitioner Certification. If, however, you do switch organizations, contact us to discuss the options and the best way for you to continue to complete your certification.
When I finish the Advanced Practitioner Certification, what will I be able to call myself?
You will be able to market yourself as a Prosci Certified Advanced Change Practitioner.
How will I track my progress through the Advanced Practitioner Certification?
You’ll work closely with a Program Advisor at Prosci. On completion of each module, you will submit work for evaluation and receive direct feedback from your advisor.
Are all module costs and tools covered in the enrollment fee?
With the exception of in-person training requirements and the capstone fee, yes. The associated tools for the required modules are covered within the enrollment fee. The majority of the tools associated with the elective modules are also covered. If an elective module carries an additional fee, it will be clearly outlined within that module.

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