Are you interested in learning more about change management? Or maybe you need help in integrating your change management and Agile strategies. Later this month, we’re offering four virtual programs in four days, designed for the roles that matter most in effecting change in your organization. Because we’ve noticed things are changing rather quickly these days.

To help you succeed in the new reality, these engaging, one-day, role-based virtual programs equip key individuals in your organization with skills and knowledge to play their unique roles in transitioning employees through today’s critical changes. And they will better position you for successful change outcomes in the future. Here’s what the week looks like.

Date Virtual Program Designed for… Purpose
May 26 ECM Boot Camp Change deployment leaders Accelerate your change capability by assessing your organization’s current change environment and developing a strategy for your desired future state.
May 27 Taking Charge of Change Everyone Learn the fundamental concepts and organizational benefits of change management.
May 28 Integrating Agile and Change Management Workshop Change practitioners, Agile practitioners, project leaders Explore the latest research and build specific tactics for adapting change management to Agile iterative development.
May 29 Leading Your Team Through Change People managers and supervisors Help your managers understand their critical role in supporting their teams through the important changes you're undertaking.

Join us for one or more days during this special week of virtual training, and experience the unforgettable training Prosci is known for.

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