A Fortune 500 insurance provider with more than 50 million customers needed a better, more scalable approach to change management to enable its shifting, growing business.

The company’s change management team was shrinking while the number of change projects grew. With support from the top, the team launched a “Building Change Capability” initiative that focused on:

  • Partnering with Prosci to grow change capability
  • Launching an Office of Change Management
  • Establishing an enterprise change management strategy and structure
  • Developing standard change management processes

Through strategies like developing change practitioners beyond the change management team and delivering role-based change management training, the company is better positioned to successfully make the changes needed to meet business objectives. Examples of the team’s high-impact change projects include:

  • Developing an agent enrollment platform that serves its thousands of agents
  • Deploying a central quality management system based on the ISO 9001 standard
  • Quickly transitioning employees to working remotely during pandemic

This insurance company transformed the business by taking a proven, strategic, proactive approach to managing change.

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