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Tim Creasey Lisa Kempton Andrew Horlick

Change Management Foundations
Aug 11 at 11 a.m. or 9 p.m. or Aug 12 at 4 p.m. (US EDT, UTC-4)
Innovation from Prosci is nothing new. We’ve been helping advance the discipline of change management for more than 20 years. And as the world continues to change, the way we manage change also needs to continue to evolve. In 2021, Prosci made important enhancements to the Prosci Methodology and delivered more advanced collaborative tools to make the methodology more accessible, actionable and effective to enable change practitioners to be more successful. These enhancements are the culmination of a three-year journey in practitioner-centered design. Join Tim Creasey, Chief Innovation Officer, Lisa Kempton, Senior Development Partner, and Andrew Horlick, Senior Change Advisor and Master Instructor, as we share how we listened and learned from practitioners to adapt and elevate their change success.


Karen Ball Paul Gonzalez

Change Management Planning & Execution
Aug 25 at 11 a.m. or 9 p.m. or Aug 26 at 4 p.m. (US EDT, UTC-4)
In our last webinar, you learned how Prosci’s practitioner-centered design journey enhanced the Prosci Methodology to make it more accessible, actionable and effective. This month, we’ll explore Prosci’s new family of cloud-based digital resources and tools. We are excited to share these innovations and the ways they enable you to leverage Prosci research insights, build new knowledge and skills, gather data for change projects and initiatives, and target “best next steps” for more successful change outcomes. Join Karen Ball, EVP Marketing & Development, and Paul Gonzalez, Director of Digital Products, as we take a deep dive into the tools, design decisions and product features that can take your change management practice to the next level.


Tim Creasey Lisa Kempton

Change Management Foundations
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You’ve heard of the ADKAR Model, but did you know there’s much more to the Prosci Methodology? The Prosci Change Triangle (PCT) Model, the Prosci 3-Phase Process, and the ADKAR Model comprise the Prosci Methodology, which is used by more than 80,000 change practitioners around the globe. In 2021, we refreshed the Prosci Methodology to meet the evolving needs of our customers. And while the core of the Prosci Methodology is still the same, the enhancements and new tools make it more effective, applicable and actionable than ever. Join Tim Creasey, Chief Innovation Officer and Lisa Kempton, Senior Development Partner, to learn how you can deliver results using the enhanced Prosci Methodology. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just starting your career, you don’t want to miss this webinar!
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Fueling the Ambition to Be a Leader of Change

At Prosci, we talk a lot about change practitioners – individuals who are actively involved in the art and discipline of change management. But no matter where we sit in the organization or what our full-time roles is, we can adopt foundational mindsets and behaviors that influence others to be leaders of change. In this webinar, we will introduce critical roles and how they work together to drive successful change. Join us to fuel your ambition to ‘be a leader of change’.


Connect and Activate Your Change Roles

Now is a great time to be connecting with people in your organization in critical change roles. In this webinar we will focus on the skill of defining change roles and learning how to activate people in those roles using the ADKAR Model. These connections will economize your efforts by leveraging the unique contribution of each role across multiple projects and change initiatives.


An Executive's Perspective on Building Change Capability

What does it mean to build and deploy enterprise change capability as an executive? Learn from Bryan Fontaine, Executive Vice President, Global Operations and Corporate Development Engineering for Bose Corporation, and Scott McAllister, CEO of Prosci. During this Q&A webinar, Bryan and Scott will discuss what it takes to make a strategic investment in change management and how to lead your workforce through transformations while minimizing negative impacts. We’re saving time for you too. Come prepared with those important questions you have always wanted an executive to answer.


Create a Shared Understanding of Organizational Maturity

Enterprise change management (ECM) capability enables agility, mitigates saturation, provides competitive advantage and facilitates strategic progress. This interactive webinar shows you the tools, tactics and approaches necessary to increase organizational change maturity. Attendees learn how to audit their organization’s current change maturity level and then use the audit as a baseline to guide efforts and track progress.


Elevate Your Influence by Speaking the Language of Value

No matter where you are in your personal change management journey, you can have a direct and lasting impact on the success of change initiatives in your organization by learning to speak the language of ‘value’. Value comes from solving problems – real problems – and understanding what matters to people in various roles throughout your organization.

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