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Tim Creasey

Change Management Planning & Execution
Wednesday, Dec. 6 at 11 a.m. US EST (UTC-5)
For 25 years, Prosci has conducted benchmarking research on change management. Since the 2013 edition, study participants have identified significant trends expected to shape the discipline of change management in the next five years. As we conclude 2023, our Innovation Webinar Series offers an opportunity to reflect on previously predicted trends and to gain insights that ensure you are well-positioned to succeed as a change practitioner in the future.

Level: Intermediate
This webinar is for: Change practitioners from all industries and countries who wish to learn what trends will impact their work in the future.


Kelli Smith Ian Croft Gina Smith Korhan Kivanc Katie Kozma

Client Voices
December 13rd at 11 a.m. US ET (UTC-5)
Join the change leaders from EisnerAmper, one of the largest audit, accounting, advisory, consulting and tax services firms in the world, to hear how they executed an end-to-end change strategy for a massive Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation. Learn how they achieved widespread adoption across 3,300+ employees to deliver a complex rollout of four new systems while sunsetting several legacy platforms. During this discussion, the team from EisnerAmper will spotlight key insights from their change journey, from securing early stakeholder alignment to reinforcing changes post-launch and lessons learned. Discover how they leveraged Prosci Advisory Services to build lasting organizational change capability to support future transformation. Walk away with practical tips and takeaways for driving adoption and readiness in your own ERP implementation.

Level: Intermediate to Advanced
This webinar is for: Any department or organization leaders responsible for ERP initiatives, change and program managers responsible for managing and executing ERP or other enterprise-wide changes.

Activating Sponsors

The fact that effective sponsorship is a top contributor to change success is no surprise. Neither is the fact that many change practitioners still struggle to get the caliber of sponsorship they need from senior leaders. In this webinar, Tim Creasey will guide you through specific actions you can take to enlist (with context and language), engage (in a symbiotic relationship), and empower (by building competencies) the leaders you need to step up as great change sponsors.


Managing Resistance to Change

Resistance is a natural response to change and can be destructive. When managed properly, however, resistance can be constructive and improve change outcomes. Karen Ball will lead the discussion on how to anticipate resistance, identify root causes of resistance, and engage the ‘right’ resistance managers to ensure change success. You will work through a case study putting key concepts into action during the webinar and will gain access to a template for application on your projects or change initiatives.

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Fueling the Ambition to Be a Leader of Change

At Prosci, we talk a lot about change practitioners – individuals who are actively involved in the art and discipline of change management. But no matter where we sit in the organization or what our full-time roles is, we can adopt foundational mindsets and behaviors that influence others to be leaders of change. In this webinar, we will introduce critical roles and how they work together to drive successful change. Join us to fuel your ambition to ‘be a leader of change’.


Connect and Activate Your Change Roles

Change management requires people in key roles to engage with a change and coordinate their efforts in defined ways. From the highest levels of leadership to front-line employees, each role has a significant impact on success. Join Karen McGee, Prosci Master Instructor and seasoned change practitioner, to learn how to identify and recruit the right individuals in your organization and then activate their roles effectively using the Prosci ADKAR Model.


A Leader's Guide to Navigating Involuntary Changes