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Brittany Clark Daniel Graham

Change Management Trends
Wednesday, June 26 at 11 a.m. ET (UTC-4)
Implementing a Change Management Office (CMO) is a transformative step toward higher change success in your organization. While each journey is unique, common factors can increase your chances of success. Join Prosci Change Advisors Brittany Clark and Daniel Graham in this webinar to discover how to effectively implement your CMO design and navigate common challenges. Learn practical strategies and insights to ensure your CMO drives consistency, standardization, and greater readiness across your enterprise.

Level: Advanced
This webinar is for: Change management deployment leaders, senior leaders, advanced change practitioners who are working toward implementing a CMO


Scott Anderson

Change Management Trends
July 31 at 11 AM US EDT (UTC-4)
Join us for an exclusive webinar where we explore the follow-up research inspired by Prosci's "23 Insights from Executives About Working with Executives." This new study focuses on exploring the skills, attributes, and strategies change professionals can cultivate to better align with executives’ expectations and priorities. In this session, we will cover: Aligning change management with executive goals. Tailoring engagement and support for executives. Showing how change management drives success. Helping executives learn and deal with obstacles. Strategies for building strong partnerships with executives. By understanding the dynamics between executives and change practitioners, you will gain actionable insights to elevate your approach to change management and drive more successful organizational change efforts. Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to bridge the gap and foster stronger, more effective partnerships with executive sponsors in your change initiatives.

Level: All Levels
This webinar is for: Change practitioners looking to enhance their standing with executives' expectations


Tim Creasey

Change Management Trends
Wednesday, May 29 at 11 a.m. ET (UTC-4)
As generative AI reshapes industries, change practitioners and leaders need to invest in a people-centric approach to AI adoption. Join Tim Creasey, Prosci’s Chief Innovation officer, as he shares strategies for leveraging proven change management practices and the ADKAR Model to drive successful AI implementations. Attendees will gain valuable insights on navigating the disruptive nature of AI while enabling front-line employees to confidently and competently use generative AI to improve their productivity and impact, ultimately transforming the way people work.

Level: Intermediate
This webinar is for: Organizations, teams, and individuals who are eager for advice, tips, and best practices for managing the change that is generative AI adoption and usage.

An Executive's Perspective on Building Change Capability

What does it mean to build and deploy enterprise change capability as an executive? Learn from Bryan Fontaine, Executive Vice President, Global Operations and Corporate Development Engineering for Bose Corporation, and Scott McAllister, CEO of Prosci. During this Q&A webinar, Bryan and Scott will discuss what it takes to make a strategic investment in change management and how to lead your workforce through transformations while minimizing negative impacts. We’re saving time for you too. Come prepared with those important questions you have always wanted an executive to answer.


Create a Shared Understanding of Organizational Maturity

Enterprise change management (ECM) capability enables agility, mitigates saturation, provides competitive advantage and facilitates strategic progress. This interactive webinar shows you the tools, tactics and approaches necessary to increase organizational change maturity. Attendees learn how to audit their organization’s current change maturity level and then use the audit as a baseline to guide efforts and track progress.


Organizational Agility: A Strategic Imperative

With an ever-increasing velocity of change and greater demand to achieve expected results, organizations that develop agility as a core competency set themselves apart from competitors and succeed at adapting to continually shifting market demands. In this webinar we explore why change agility is critical, how you can identify your strengths and weaknesses, and ways to improve.

Slides Handout

Change Saturation and Change Collision: A Survival Guide

How do you survive as a change practitioner when it feels like no more change can be absorbed and change projects are running up against each other. Learn how to react, survive, and thrive in an environment of continuous and overlapping change.