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What We Know About People and Change

During times of uncertainty, it is helpful to ground our thinking on what we know to be true. In this webinar, we explore six declarations about people and change: 1. Change is challenging; 2. Change is a process; 3. Change is individual; 4. People do resist change; 5. People do need to understand why; 6. People do need change leadership. We will make connections to today’s challenges and explore actions you can take in pursuit of individual and organizational goals.
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Change Practitioner Competency Model

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Return to the Workplace: Insights from Strategic Change Leaders

Following a big bang move from working together to working apart, organizations around the world are shifting their focus to returning to the workplace. In this webinar, we will explore why the return will be hybrid and discuss the ripples and ramifications. We will share insights from strategic change leaders in several organizations – both large and small – and how they plan to support, equip, and enable their people through the changes ahead.